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x-bionic® sphere is easily approachable thanks to its strategic location in the heart of Europe. It is accessible from key European cities with international airports by bus, car, or train either directly to x-bionic® sphere or to Bratislava – Budapest (2 hours), Vienna (1 hour 15 min.), Prague (3 hours 30 min.) Bratislava is located 20 minutes away from x-bionic® sphere.


The closest airport is in the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava, which is only 20 minutes away from Samorin. The second closest airport is Vienna International Airport, which is 85km from x-bionic® sphere.

London – Bratislava 2h 15m
Milan – Bratislava 1h 25m
Brussels – Bratislava 1h 50m
Dusseldorf – Vienna 1h 30m
Zurich – Vienna 1h 15m
Paris – Vienna 1h 35m
Athens – Vienna 2h 20m
Kiev – Vienna 2h 5m
Tallinn – Vienna 2h 35m
Moscow – Vienna 2h 35m